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We have positions available for experienced insurance agents and offer paid internships with the opportunity to become an insurance agent if:
  1. You have initiative and drive to do the job right
  2. You care about connecting with customers
  3. You like to take things to the next level

Sound familiar? Then you're the right type for Insurance Plus Agencies.

Click here to download an Insurance Plus Employment Application or fax your resume to 281-749-8273.


Our people are our most valuable resource. We offer a variety of benefits programs and packages to promote health, wellness, and financial security.


Insurance Plus's compensation programs are competitive with the market. When Insurance Plus meets its business goals, empoyees share in the rewards through the company Bonus program.

Vision & Values

We seek to be an excellent, innovative, growing and enduring business by building a recognized, trusted, admired, business-generating brand. We seek to earn a superior return on equity and to provide a positive environment which attracts quality people who develop and achieve ambitious growth plans.

Business Casual Dress

Insurance Plus's philosophy is to allow people to dress in a style consistent with their personal tastes, but which also presents a neat appearance to customers and other contacts.


Insurance Plus and Insurance Plus people value diversity in people and thought as a means to improve business decisions and a way to provide more responsive customer service. Therefore, our objectives are to introduce diversity in all areas of our business and to reflect in our employee populations the diversity of our customers and the communities in which we operate.

Technical Innovation

Insurance Plus prides itself on being the technological leader in our industry. We work with a wide variety of technologies and are constantly striving to improve our quality of service through the use of leading edge technologies.

 Jobs at Insurance Plus

We're proud of the people who share in our growth and profitability. Why not join us? You can search the list of insurance jobs available at Insurance Plus right now.

 Careers at Insurance Plus

Customer Service

At Insurance Plus, we want to take the hassle out of insurance for our customers. Find out how you can help by joining our customer service team.


Being a Sales Representative involves counseling and educating consumers about Insurance Plus products and services, as well as promoting the products and services.

Finance and Accounting

Finance and accounting analysts at Insurance Plus develop the plans and reports that help us maintain our relationship with the financial community.

 Internships at Insurance Plus

Take time away from the classroom to gain practical knowledge. Use this opportunity to apply what you've learned before you hit the books again -- come to Insurance Plus, where you can make a difference and find a direction for the future.

Employment Applications

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Employment Application

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Employment Application

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or fax to: (888) 909-8862.

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