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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance Information

RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, Motorhome & Motor Coach Insurance

RVs We Insure

You can insure more than just an RV with a Progressive RV policy — motor home insurance, travel trailer insurance and camper insurance are available, too. With a Progressive RV policy, you can protect whatever type of recreation vehicle you have so you can spend your time traveling — and enjoying it.

What's the Difference Between RVs and Travel Trailers?

Motor Homes

Motor Home insurance covers recreation vehicles that provide you with temporary living quarters and are permanently attached to a chassis or van. Click on the following links for more detailed descriptions of the motor homes we insure.

  • Conventional Motor Home – Class A
  • Professional Bus Conversion – Class A
  • Non-professional Bus Conversion – Class A
  • Camper Vans – Class B
  • Mini Motor Home – Class C

Travel Trailers and Campers

Travel trailer insurance and camper insurance provide coverage for nonmotorized, portable units designed to provide you with living quarters for recreational and camping use. Travel trailers and campers do not require special highway permits when towed. Click on a link to get a more detailed description of the travel trailer or camper.

  • Fifth Wheel Trailer
  • Conventional Trailer
  • Pop-Up Tent Trailer
  • Trailer with Recreational Cargo Quarters
  • Mounted Truck Camper
  • Horse Trailers with Living Quarters

Why do I need to insure my Recreational Vehicle?

Unless you have a true recreational vehicle insurance package, you could be in for an unpleasant ordeal should you experience a loss with your RV. Your auto and homeowner's policies may not cover such items as appliances, plumbing or accessories. Without true Recreational Vehicle insurance, your emergency expenses incurred while traveling would undoubtedly come out of your own pocket. A typical travel trailer insurance policy from an auto carrier will include physical damage coverage only. Our A + rated motorhome insurance and travel trailer insurance companies provide coverages far above and beyond the modest coverage provided by your auto insurance company.

What does a Progressive motor home policy offer you?

Specialized coverage like Full Timers, Emergency Expense, Vacation Liability, 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and more.

  • Great motor home insurance rates and a variety of money-saving discounts.
  • Disappearing deductibles-your deductible amount is reduced with each claim-free year.
  • In addition, Progressive provides RV/motor Home insurance policyholders with our superior claims service.

Foremost Travel Trailer Insurance

Foremost Travel Trailer/Camper Insurance

Foremost has developed specialized insurance programs for travel trailers that provide the kind of coverage to give you real peace of mind, so you can sit back and enjoy your trip.

A specialized policy means you're covered whether you’re just starting out with a brief trip, or a veteran full-timer taking all the amenities of home with you, we can help you protect your investment in your travel trailer and the RV lifestyle.

Coverage Options
Our policies provide important standard and optional coverages not available in conventional auto policies, or in the stripped down RV policies offered by other companies. A Foremost travel trailer insurance policy, on the other hand, can give you more security and more value for your money.

Coverages Included With Your Policy
Here are some of the travel trailer coverages we offer that aren't included in a typical auto policy:

  • Comprehensive Coverage for protection from just about any direct, sudden, and accidental loss, including: collision, fire, smoke, flood, landslide, hail, windstorm, animals, vandalism, low branches or overhangs, theft and lightning.
  • Coverage for Attached Accessories, including awnings, satellite dishes and TV antennas.

Optional Coverages
Foremost offers important optional coverages that let you customize your policy. Some coverages may be subject to company approval or may not be available in all states. These are a few of the most popular coverage options:

  • Total Loss Replacement Coverage that protects your travel trailer from the effects of depreciation. If your new-model travel trailer is destroyed within its first five model years, we’ll pay to replace it with a brand new one of similar kind and quality – no matter what it costs. In years six through ten, we’ll give you up to what you paid for it originally toward the purchase of another travel trailer.

    This option can save you literally thousands of dollars when compared to typical auto policies, which pay only the Actual Cash Value (ACV) of your travel trailer at the time it’s destroyed. That’s the current value of your travel trailer.

  • Emergency Expenses Coverage that pays for lodging or travel home if your rig is damaged or destroyed by a covered loss more than 50 miles from home.

  • Campsite/Vacation Liability Coverage that provides liability coverage when you are parked and using your travel trailer as a residence.

  • Replacement Cost Coverage on personal belongings that are destroyed or stolen.
  • TraveLine® Towing and Roadside Assistance eliminates the hassle of buying a separate towing plan. Towing, jump starts, roadside service, flat tire changes, fuel delivery, and locksmith services are just a toll-free phone call away. There are no out-of-pocket payments required, either. Just sign and drive. What’s more, your travel trailer – and your tow vehicle – are covered, regardless of who is driving!
  • Full-Timer Coverage provides liability protection very similar to a homeowners policy. While an auto policy will only provide liability protection when you are on the road, a Foremost Full-Timer policy covers you when you are parked and using your rig as a residence, too.
  • The Stationary Travel Trailer Program gives you extensive comprehensive and contents coverage if you use your travel trailer as a seasonal or permanent residence. This includes liability coverage that covers liability, medical payments to others, and property damage claims caused by an accident for which you are held liable. This program provides you with additional protection since your auto or homeowners policies may not extend coverage to you.

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